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Extension Courses

Please check back frequently as new extension classes will be added over the summer.

Extension Classes are mini-courses designed to appeal to a variety of students, including both adults and children. Many are taught by current, or former, CSS teachers and provide an opportunity to sample the full three-week courses offered in CSS’s summer sessions designed for children ages 7 to 16. Others are unique and reflect current, topical subjects. Like the course featuring edible wild plants found around Woods Hole, these classes draw upon the natural environment while enlisting the school’s professional resources. Comprised of either single sessions, or multiple day classes, they feature informative lectures, walking tours, boat trips, workshops, and book talks by celebrated authors.  Usually held in the late afternoon after regular school hours have concluded, some classes are free; others require a nominal fee between $5.00 and $20.00. Depending on the curriculum, occasionally special courses will require an additional fee for materials. For further information on enrollment, availability, or course fees, just swing by the front desk at school.

2017 Extension Classes

Have you ever wished you could come to the School of Science with your children?  Here is your chance! Extension classes offer a way to learn more about the Woods Hole environs or pursue a new interest. Extension classes are open to the public and most are family friendly.  Some classes are free, many involve a nominal fee, and a few longer classes charge a higher fee to cover the instructor’s time and materials. Please register at the CSS front desk.

Session A

Fishing Trip on the Woods Hole waters
Led by CSS Assistant Director Aaron Sloboda, Thursday July 13, 10:15 at the school, trip is approximately 1 1/2 hours.
Join Aaron for a morning of bottom fishing off Woods Hole.  Equipment provided for those who do not have their own.  $20/person, limited to 20 people.  Payment required at time of registration

Another Fishing Trip!

Thursday, July 20, at 10:15 at the schoolhouse. See above for details.

Another Fishing Trip!

Thursday, July 20, at 1:45 at the schoolhouse. See above for details.


Boat Trip through the Woods Hole waters
Led by CSS Assistant Director Aaron Sloboda, Thursday, July 20 at 3:45, meet at the School at 3:35pm and walk to the dock. Return planned for about 5:15-5:30.
Explore our local waters on this late afternoon cruise through the Woods Hole Passage and around some of the Elizabethan Islands. This is a great chance to learn more about our local history and natural history. $20/person, limited to 20 people. Payment required at time of registration.


Fish Dissection Participatory Demonstration

With Alan Steinbach, Thursday, July 13th, 4pm at the School

Are you curious about the inner anatomy of critters like squid, small sharks, and bony fish? You can watch this demonstration with opportunities for some hands on participation only if you wish. An objective is to help those at the “yuck!” stage of anatomy appreciation move into a more constructive appreciation of inner beauty.

Limit 15 people, $5/person, $10/family

Session B

Making Nature Fly

With Alan Steinbach, Friday July 14th 4pm, at the School

Mobiles are an art form that lets you play in the 4th dimension…time. In this experience we’ll learn a few basic knots (slip knot and clove hitch if you want to practice before) and practice getting things to balance and move freely. This is ‘what to do with those beautiful shells), or sticks, or even stones, and if you like, how to work with found objects (otherwise known as trash).

Please pre-register

Limit 12 people, Fees TBD
Fish Printing

With Alan Steinbach, Thursday August 3rd, 4pm at the School

Make a washable fabric print of a (recently deceased) local fish. Come wearing a smock or old clothing and bring a T-shirt and/or some plain cotton fabric for painting. This is a great activity for different ages working together. Paints, instruction, advice, and of course, fish supplied. Please pre-register.

Limit 12 people, $7/person, $15/family to cover the cost of material
Biological Illustration

With Julie Child, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, August 1,2,3. 3:30-5:30pm, at the School

Here again, a perennial favorite CSS Extension Class. Students will join Julie for 3 classes and learn to draw from nature, using materials collected locally (mostly). Ages 14+.

Please pre-register

Limit 12 participants.  Fees $35/student; all materials will be supplied