Extension Courses 2019

Extension Classes are mini-courses designed to appeal to a variety of students, including both adults and children.

Many are taught by current, or former, CSS teachers and provide an opportunity to sample the full three-week courses offered in CSS’s summer sessions designed for children ages 7 to 16. Others are unique and reflect current, topical subjects. Like the course featuring edible wild plants found around Woods Hole, these classes draw upon the natural environment while enlisting the school’s professional resources. Comprised of either single sessions, or multiple day classes, they feature informative lectures, walking tours, boat trips, workshops, and book talks by celebrated authors.  Usually held in the late afternoon after regular school hours have concluded, some classes are free; others require a nominal fee between $5.00 and $20.00. Depending on the curriculum, occasionally special courses will require an additional fee for materials. For further information on enrollment, availability, or course fees, just swing by the front desk at school.

Please check back frequently as new extension classes will be added over the summer.

Stay tuned this summer for available extension classes!