CSS Director Job Description

CSS Director

The Director is the chief administrator of the Children’s School of Science (CSS) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The Director is accountable for day-to-day management of the staff and operation of the school and ensures that the school is operated in a safe and efficient manner. The Director promotes the philosophy and mission of CSS to parents, volunteers, and the larger community. The Director also maintains and enhances, when possible, CSS relationships with nearby scientific institutions and benefactors. The Director consults on a regular basis with the Assistant Director, curriculum coordinator(s), and volunteers. The Director reports to the CSS Board of Directors (Board).

The Director is a year round position, with different duties relating to the season. As described in more detail below, when school is in-session, the Director is responsible for overall on-site operations and is expected to serve on a full-time basis. When school is out-of-session, the Director oversees school registration and planning for summer, and is available as needed to consult with the Board and volunteers.

Interested candidates should please send a letter of interest, resume, and names/contact information for three references to applycss@childrensschoolofscience.org by July 3. (Note, due to an error with the email address, applications sent prior to June 3 may not have been received. If you did not receive an acknowledgement, please resend. Thank you.)

In Session Responsibilities and Orientation

  • Working with the Assistant Director, plan the Orientation for teachers and teaching assistants:
    • Conduct sessions with new teachers on CSS philosophy.
    • Ensure that teachers receive and review field trip site information.
    • Review student profiles with teachers and teaching assistants, assessing potential for special circumstances as necessary.
    • Consult with teachers on the planning of Back-to-School Night and Open House as needed.
    • Review appropriate health and safety procedures with teachers and assistants, in consultation with Health and Safety Chair(s). Review written procedures to be followed in case of emergency.
  • Serve as the designated health and safety supervisor of the School.
  • Chair weekly faculty meetings.
  • Lead faculty discussions and meetings on educational issues, such as: Attention Deficit Disorder, hands-on learning models, collaborative learning, student discipline concerns, CSS history, methodologies, etc.
  • Consult with teachers and teaching assistants on student disciplinary issues as they arise.
  • Periodically observe new and experienced teachers and provide feedback on their teaching, and, in conjunction with the President and her/his designates, work with any faculty members who are experiencing classroom difficulties.
  • Review teacher performance.
  • Serve as facilitator between volunteers and teachers, helping to keep volunteers aware and informed of teachers’ needs, and teachers aware of the volunteer supports available.
  • Provide assistance to the President re: placement of volunteers/support staff.
  • Assist the Board as needed with development of the budget, including making any specific requests for equipment and supplies.
  • Attend CSS meetings, including Back-to-School Nights, the Annual Meeting, Open Houses, weekly Board meetings and other CSS meetings as required or invited.
  • Establish a working relationship with the Falmouth police to mitigate issues of illegal parking.
  • Be on site during School hours to supervise site operations. Coordinate site coverage with the Assistant Director when CSS duties require the Director to be elsewhere or when on personal leave. Be available in the event of emergency.
  • Work in cooperation with the Assistant Director as follows:
    • Administer First Aid in the event it’s necessary.
    • Greet and inform parents driving on field trips about CSS procedures.
    • Log and supervise the departure and return of field trips.
    • Direct traffic and monitor safety of students as they leave vehicles.
    • Open and close the building-close all windows and ensure that nets and equipment are securely stowed inside the building.
    • Maintain public spaces.
    • Oversee usage of copier and computers.
    • Assure seawater is supplied on an “as needed” basis to the School to avoid specimen death due to inadequate water supply.
  • Assist as needed the Assistant Director in the supervision of the teaching assistants and supply runner so that they receive concrete feedback about performance, duties, and professional engagement.
  • Handle discipline problems referred by teachers or teaching assistants; report serious problems to the President.
  • Monitor and maintain general supplies inventory (major purchases beyond normal supplies to run School or facilitate classes must be approved by the appropriate chair (or the President) in advance).
  • Consult with the Treasurer and the President about expenses; assist the Treasurer with developing the budget for the following year.
  • Consult with the Treasurer to ensure that annual permits such as “Seasonal Employer” designation are obtained in a timely manner.
  • Serve on Nominating Committee as an ex-officio non-voting member.
  • Prepare an end-of-summer report for the President.
  • Prepare the Director’s report for the Annual Meeting and, working with the President, compile all reports from officers and committee chairs for the Annual Report.
  • Collect and store lesson plans from teachers.
  • In cooperation with the Board and the Assistant Director, make a presentation at the Annual Meeting to the CSS community, including preparing a list of CSS “Lifers” (arrange for certificates for each student).
  • At summer’s end, work with the person designated by the Board to ensure information updates received at the Front Desk or by the Assistant Director over the summer are entered into the main database. Assist in folding that year’s registration database into the main database by October, in time for use by the Board in its Sustaining Fund letter.
  • Perform other duties to support the School, as requested by the President and/or Board of Directors.

Out-of-Session Responsibilities

  • Oversee student registration (e.g. using computer programs like Campdocs) for classes and create class/attendance lists.
  • Prepare the School’s annual brochure (typically before March).
  • Assist curriculum coordinator(s) with finalizing teacher contracts.
  • Be available to the Teaching Assistants Chair and the Assistant Director regarding hiring and placement of teaching assistants.
  • Work with the Assistant Director and the Health and Safety Committee to implement a health and safety plan for the School, including procedures for First Aid training for staff, fire prevention, classroom safety, emergency procedures, etc.
  • Schedule driving field trips and boat trips.
  • Serve as the principal liaison with teachers prior to summer (including communication about the general workings of CSS, how to obtain supplies, in-place systems, availability/location of technological resources, etc.).
  • Maintain and distribute faculty and parent handbook and directory of CSS staff and volunteers.
  • Attend Board Meetings as needed and provide an update to the Board regarding the preparations for summer (teacher hiring, assistant hiring, and enrollment).
  • Working with the Board and Assistant Director maintain currency of website.
  • Serve as a CSS representative on the Woods Hole School Tenants’ Advisory Committee and attend WHSC meetings as needed.
  • Oversee purchase of general and scientific supplies and maintain supply/equipment inventory; submit, in writing, lists of equipment that need updating and/or replacing to the Board President and to the appropriate committee chairs.
  • Communicate with Chairs of various committees (e.g., Transportation, Trip Sites, Entrance Desk, and Hospitality) regarding their responsibilities. Choose shirt color for the summer.
  • Arrange for building inspection, police and fire contacts as needed (licensing requirements, fire drill, Back-to-School Night, drop-off parking, beach parking permits etc.).
  • Arrange copier (and phone if needed) rental and maintenance.

CSS is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all individuals regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or national origin.