Registration Information

The following is information and guidelines for school registration.

There will be no tiered registration this year. Please note that CSS strongly discourages children under the age of 10 from registering for more than one class, and typically two classes is the maximum number that children should take.

Registration for classes for summer 2019 is now open. Register today!


Partial scholarships are available for those truly in need. Please send a written request for financial aid along with your registration, explaining your need, and a letter certifying financial need from a counselor, clergy, or social worker.

Volunteer service

CSS is run by volunteers. All parents are asked to volunteer whenever possible, but at the minimum, all parents of enrolled children must provide transportation for at least one field trip, or work at the CSS front desk for two class periods per three-week period enrolled. For a six-week course, it is expected that a parent will drive for two field trips or work at the desk for four class periods per child. Please note, additional children are not permitted to accompany parents during volunteer duties.