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The Children’s School of Science encourages a love and appreciation of science through inquiry-based learning. Frequent field trips and hands-on classroom study provide the opportunity to explore nature, become adept at observation, and discover the rules that govern natural processes. Students benefit from the renowned scientific institutions in Woods Hole and the unique living classroom created by the complex biology and geology of Cape Cod.

Our Curriculum

The school’s curriculum includes courses such as Seashore Life, Nature Photography, Entomology, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Biological Illustration, Embryology, Herpetology, Botany, and more.

Our Students

We offer courses to students aged 7 to 16. Children come to the school because they want to learn, and are provided with hands on education that is on a higher level than is usually possible for their ages.

Our Teachers

Teachers enjoy the opportunity to develop topics beyond the scope generally found in traditional classrooms, and can concentrate on showing students how to explore and appreciate the special Cape Cod environment.