Administrative Officers

Interim Administrative Director: Aaron Sloboda
Interim Administrative Assistant Director: Jessica Rencher
Curriculum Chairs: Naomi Fraenkel and Karen Dell
Teaching Assistants Chair: Ethan Treistman

Board of Directors

2019: Ronnie Cooperstein, Chris Kinkade, Robert Knapp, Jennifer Sheetz
2020: Jackie Stephen, Susan Burke, Eve Weiss
2021: Mark Borsuk, Elizabeth Chappell, Roger Colinvaux, Virginia Land, Eric Tytell

Officers of the Board of Directors

President: Mark Borsuk
Vice President: Virginia Land
Treasurer: Chris Kinkade
Clerk of the Corporation: Eric Tytell

Standing Committee Chairs

Archives: Dorothea Mautner, Charlotte Emans Moore
Entrance Desk:
Ellie Armstrong
Extension Classes: Susan Laster, Susan Burke
Hospitality: Erin Meyer, Elizabeth Smylie
Newsletter: Naomi Altschul
Sustaining Fund: Mark Borsuk, Kitty Brown, Jackie Stephen, Becky Lash, Gideon Moore
Ways and Means: Gail Diamond, Emily Yang