The following Frequently Asked Questions have been compiled to help our families better understand our policies and procedures.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please send us an email through our Contact Us page.

Not necessarily, although we do try to offer a core of traditional courses. Depending on faculty availability and interests, some courses alternate every other year and occasionally new courses are introduced.

No. Our faculty work very hard to plan each course as an entity. The courses are not divisible.

No. We expect our students to commit to an entire course (3 weeks, 5 days/week)

We discourage young students and first time CSS students from enrolling in more than one class per day. Older students (over 10 years old) may sign up for two classes per day.

CSS traditionally begins the week of July 4 and ends on the Thursday of the second week of August. The school day begins with classes at 8:30 AM and ends at 4:15 PM. Each class is 1 hour 45 minutes.

In Woods Hole, ALL children are gifted. We rigidly adhere to the age group for each class.

No. If your summer plans do not permit your child to spend a full three or six weeks, we cannot enroll him/her for the summer. The spot should go to a child who can make the full commitment.

CSS cannot operate without parent involvement. Every family is asked to give some of their time to drive on a field trip or to work at the front desk during their child’s enrollment. If you are interested in additional volunteer opportunities, please ask about our many committees.

You are invited to attend all events, including Back to School Night, Open House, the CSS Picnic, and our open meetings.  In addition to your driving or desk assignments, please let our Administrator or your child’s teacher know if you are willing to drive extra trips or take over the desk when we need a substitute.

No. With the exception of our Advanced Marine Biology class, swimming is not allowed.

No. With the exception of Advanced Marine Biology, this is not a requirement.

An old pair of sneakers is perfect, or other shoes with a strap or closed heel that can get wet and/or dirty.  (No Flip-Flops)

It is a good idea to wear light-colored clothing with long pants, long sleeves and socks pulled over pant leg bottoms whenever your student goes on field trips. A thorough tick check is recommended after every field trip.

No. We collect very selectively for our classroom aquaria and terraria. At the end of our program, all specimens are released into their original environments.

During the summer, please call the front desk 508-548-3603.  Director Kate Schafer is the person to contact with all other questions and concerns.

No. Certain courses that use large amounts of disposable materials (Photography and ROV) require a Lab Fee in addition to tuition, but there are no ongoing costs.

The date and time of registration opening is announced in advance.   After this time, spots are filled on a first-come/first-served basis.  Once a class has filled, slots that open up are filled based on the waitlist order.